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Blog 19/02/2018

Have your thesis checked for language, structure, red thread and plagiarism

Have your thesis checked for language, structure, red thread and plagiarism


Universities increasingly value academic writing. As a result, more and more students are letting a specialised agency or individual check their thesis. 


Students put a lot of effort into making their writing flawless, especially with important papers like a thesis. Naturally, there's a lot at stake and everyone wants to pass with the highest mark possible, right?


Scribbr is the biggest Dutch agency that specialises in checking thesisses and other study-related documents.  


They work with language experts that can check your thesis for language, structure and red threat, often within 24 hours! 


scribbr scriptie laten nakijken


Scribbr works with both native Dutch and English editors. You can choose to improve the lay-out of your thesis or formalize your sources according to the APA-style. 


Scribbr distinguishes itself from other thesis help agencies by their reliability, extremely strict correction and genuine personal feedback on writing style. That's another educational experience by itself!


The checking service pricing is very reasonably at €0.008, especially if you consider the additional tuition fee resulting from redoing your thesis.   


Besides providing thesis feedback, Scribbr offers a plagiarism check for students. The check makes sure you haven't accidentally used text from other papers without stating your source. 


To top it off, universities can't detect usage of the plagiarism check. This way, you'll prevent fraud and become an original writer! 


Good luck with finishing your thesis! 


- Team




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