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Thesis Help Agencies: More and more students use it (Why actually?)

In general, students describe writing a thesis as a painfully challenging process. In contrary to what you may believe, the fault lies more with the university than the students. Here's why.

The circumstances are getting worse

Changes in educational policies cause increasingly high demands for writing a thesis. Over the past 30 years contact hours, supervision time and regular staff in higher education have rapidly decreased due to severe cutbacks. The teachers who are still left, work under extremely high pressure and don't get enough supervision time per student. This results in students structurally falling short in their education. Knowledge is provided fragmentarically and doesn't remain inside the young minds of the students. 


Lack of skills

There is not enough time and space to obtain and apply the necessary scientific skills. The curriculum is often incoherent. As a result, writing a thesis is or any other research paper becomes a huge obstacle. You're being sent into the wild without a compass. 


Into the wild without a compass

Insufficient preparation and assistance can result in procrastination, feeling powerless, stress or even depression. A lack of control over the process often causes students to postpone and miss deadlines. They're swimming around without a clear plan. As a consequence, study delays often exceed six months.


Rising costs

Using the current tuition fee, a half-year delay translates into €1,003,50. Cost can increase even more. Starting your job six months later than planned, will cost you 6 x €2,000, - = €12,000, -. So you're not only losing time, but also money. If the study delay becomes so severe that you're unable to finish your degree, it will be more difficult to find the job that suits you best.  


Exit the maze

Examine the possibilities to receive professional support outside university. At special agencies they've got the ability and experience to answer the questions that your university doesn't provide the contact hours for. They teach you how to give structure to your thesis, organise and write, set up surveys and analyse them in SPSS.  


Who can help you? is one of the most experienced thesis assistance agencies for higher education (HBO & university). You can contact them through the webform and introduce the problems that you're facing. Subsequently, they'll give you a call to confirm and get to work immediately. 



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Good luck with your thesis!


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