How do you ensure I get my respondents?

The person with the most filled in surveys (most credits) will be prioritised for other users. Just make sure you have enough credits so people see your survey and fill it in!

Why do you use credits?

Because som surveys are longer and take more time than others. This would make swapping 1-on-1 unfair. For example, swapping a 5 minute survey for a 45 minute survey means that one person only has to spend 5 minutes for a respondent, while the other has to spend 45 minutes. By adding the 20 credits per minute system we eliminate this unfairness.

Does this cost me money?

Nope, it’s entirely free! So happy swapping!

Why do I have to fill in surveys?

Noone like to fill in surveys. But, would you rather wait and do nothing for weeks and spamming your social group OR would spend a few hours filling in surveys and collect your data within days.

Can I invite family or friends to fill in my survey without having to fill in more of others?

Of course! If someone volunteers to fill in your survey you won’t be charged credits.

How valid is the data I receive?

We control the facebook accounts, in case of frauds. Also we have a special algorithm  that can see how serious someone is taking the survey. For instance; if someone fills in questions too quickly, they will get a warning. Another feature of this algorithm is that when someone fills in the same answer every time he/she will get a warning when trying to submit their answers. After too many warning an account gets deleted.

How long does it take before I get my answers?

About a day or two. Of course this all depends on how quickly you fill in survey for others. But if you fill in 20 every day, you will get 20 back within a day or two. So if you need 100 respondents this would take you about 5 days of filling in and then a week total before you can start your data analysis.

Why can’t I just pay for people to fill in my surveys?

This feature we are adding on soon! This would mean you pay around €1,50 per respondent (based on 5 min questionnaire), meaning you can make €18,- per hour!

Doesn’t this make an unrepresentative sample?

Actually it’s a big step in making surveys more representative,  let me explain. Currently surveys are either filled in by first year college students (under force) of the same school as the person that creates the survey, or close family and friends.

SurveySwap will make the sample more representative by having many people from many colleges of different age groups take part in the sample.

How can I be sure my sample is representative for my particular study?

We’ve added filter options for gender, country and age. Others filters like smoker status will become available soon.  This ensure your sample will be representative.