How it works


Finding survey participants with



How the platform works




Post a link to your existing survey or create one with SurveySwap.




Place our 'unique SurveySwap link' at the end of your existing survey.

(This link is used to claim credits for taking a survey)





Spend a few hours filling in Surveys to earn credits.


(make sure you click the unique SurveySwap link when taking surveys). 





When a person takes your survey, credits are taken away, and you get results.  



You always get back the effort you spend, 100% fair. 

(Contact us via email if anything is wrong. We will make sure everything is fair). 




Getting participants may take a day or two.



The more credits you have, the higher your survey is ranked.  



The higher you rank, the faster you get results. 




Who we are


SurveySwap is a community of students and researchers helping each other get


the participants they need for their research. 



We believe that education and scientific research are basic rights, and should be


free for everyone.



We achieve being the best free platform for finding participants through


smart solutions by smart people, and an engaged community. 








How credits work


1 minute = 1 credit.



If you complete a 10-minute survey, you will receive 10 credits. 



If your survey takes 5 minutes to complete,  the 10 credits will be swapped for 2


results in your survey.




(Watch the video for a basic introduction.)



Get started by choosing 1 of 2 options


Option A:

Create a new survey using SurveySwap


Do you still have to create a survey? Simply create your survey with SurveySwap!



Our tool has all the features you need for your research, like Likert scales, multiple choice questions, open-ended questions, and excel/SPSS export.







Option B:

Post your existing survey

Did you already create a survey with another survey builder?



No problem! We have full integration with all builders, like Qualtrics, Google forms, SurveyMonkey, TypeForm, Thesistools, or any other tool.


This is achieved by placing a unique surveyswap link at the end of that survey.