How to post your survey you've made with another survey builder on SurveySwap?


Did you use another surveybuilder to create your survey with, and want to upload your survey to SurveySwap?


Our platform works with credit links, if you didn’t build your survey with surveyswap, but with another builder (like Google Forms, Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey or any other) you need to make sure you post your credit link at the end of your survey. It is important to upload the link AFTER the submit button, so you will receive your respondents once they click on 'submit', and your respondents will receive their credits, once they click on the credit link.


(1) How do you find your unique SurveySwap link?

You click on ‘new survey’ , ‘import survey’ and then you will have to fill out some information about your survey. Additionally, you can add filters, to choose people who are eligible to fill out your survey. However, do not use to many filters, because the more people who are able to fill out your survey, the more respondents you will receive.


note: it is important to select the correct language you wrote your survey in, because only people who can speak the language you wrote your survey in, are able to fill it out.



(2) The next step is to complete your survey import by pasting the credit link in your external survey. Make sure you copy the credit link and go to the survey you’ve made with your surveybuilder.


As described above, it is important to place your credit link after the submit button. Most external survey builders allow you to write a 'thank you message/confirmation message’, once you click on settings. You should paste the creditlink in the thank you message of your survey.


You cannot write a thank you message with your survey builder?  In this case there are two things you could do:

The first option is to rewrite your survey with the SurveySwap survey builder. Another option (less recommended) is to add an extra question to your survey and paste the SurveySwap link here. However, you have to make sure people first COPY your unique SurveySwap link, then click on the ‘submit’ button of your survey, and the last step is pasting your SurveySwap link in another internet tab.


An example message:




(1) First copy my credit link, (2) and paste it in another browser tab, (3) BEFORE you click on submit.


Paste here your credit link.


Thank you



If people only click on the credit link, you will not receive any respondents, because they will not click on the ‘submit’ button.