A Survey about SurveySwap (and get credits, of course)

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Dear students and researchers, 


We are very pleased to hear all the positive feedback from everyone. 


Although we already have more than 2000+ active members, we know there's a lot we can still improve. 


Our mission is to make getting respondents as easy as possible for you guys. 


Current we are working on these features


- Data quality checks and punishments: 


Users that try to cheat the system by giving non-serious answers will get punished with -20 credits when we detect it. The survey owner won't get charged credits and receives an email. 


- Filtering system 


You can set up your survey only the people you want will see the survey. We don't have all demographics, but right now we have:


Language, Country, Age,

Student / part-time job / full-time job. 


You may have to add some info to your profile. We won't show this data to anyone, it just determines what surveys you will be able to fill in order to get credits. 


- Easier referrals 


Being able to just share the link to our platform and receive +20 credits instead of just 1 new respondent. 


- Earning credits for correctly reporting 


Reporting a survey with a missing link can be frustrating. We always give you the credits.


But now, we will also give you +1 for reporting a survey that is offline or has anything wrong with it. We will check if you are correct first, of course. 




We need feedback to improve

In this survey you get the chance to decide what will be the direction of our future progress. 


Thanks in advance!



My University/College helps me with finding participants
My University/College should support students with an effective way to find participants
I would appreciate my University/College to endorse SurveySwap to get respondents immdiately after filling surveys (instead of the current 2 day delay)
The current method my University/College uses to help me with finding participants is good
Would you recommend SurveySwap.io to a friend, colleague, or fellow student?