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Joshua Weidlich Weidlich

Instructional Resilience in Higher Education

In this study, we are looking at Instructional Resilience of teachers in higher education. Do you teach in HE? If yes, we want to learn about if and h...Read moreow you were able to maintain teaching quality during challenging times, for example emergency remote teaching due to Covid19.Read less
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Arie SurveySwap

☝️ Take this Survey first ☝️

In this quick survey, we explain the essentials needed to use SurveySwap. You will also receive your first credits ⚡️
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Arie SurveySwap

Make our day, write a review for SurveySwap (2 credits for 30 seconds!)

Dear user, Hopefully, you can appreciate our hard work to make free and affordable survey participants an option for people like you all around the...Read more world. We would greatly appreciate it if you could give us a review. It only takes a few seconds :) Thanks a million! ? Kind regards, Arie & Alex, Founders of Surveyswap.io Read less
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Arie SurveySwap

How to get credits faster on SurveySwap + A favour.

This survey explains an important reality about SurveySwap, asks you for a favour, and will help you gather credits faster.
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Jo Wood

Leadership in Exercise Contexts

As part of my PhD programme, this study considers the impact of the leadership of exercise instructors on group exercisers. You will be asked to watc...Read moreh two short slideshows and then answer a couple of short questionnaires after viewing each one. The study is open to all students studying at UK Universities and I am looking for participants who are exercisers and non-exercisers. Completion takes between 10 and 15 minutes and it is best viewed on a computer screen or tablet. Many thanks for your help.Read less
12 credits
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Thomas Oldham

The affect of language on the morality of bilinguals

Hello! I am a third-year psychology student researching how bilingual individuals respond differently to moral dilemmas depending on the language in w...Read morehich they consider them. You will be expected to complete an individual differences measure, then you’ll respond to various moral dilemmas in either your first language or your second language. It will take around 12-15 minutes to complete. While you may find thinking about the moral dilemmas distressing, note that there is no right or wrong answer, and so it is not designed to measure if you are a good person or not. Please note the inclusion criteria: I can only study English-German Bilinguals--one of which must be their first language and the other being their second language (ie. native German speakers proficient in English OR native English speakers proficient in German). Contact me or my supervisor if you have any questions. Thank you! [email protected] Supervisor: Professor Shira Elqayam [email protected] Read less
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Stefan Wagner

Umfrage zu Vertikalbegrünungen zu Hause

Es geht un Systeme zur Kultivierung von Nutz- und Topfpflanzen zu Hause
2 credits
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Karen Karen

Tiiik Customer Survey

We’re in the processing of bringing a new product to market that will help people manage their finances better, so we’d love to ask you some quick...Read more questions to help validate our concept. All of your answers will be kept confidential and it will take about 2 minutes of your time to complete.Read less
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Vincent Rabl

[4 credits for 2 minutes!] Reputation of Business Schools in Europe

With this survey I want to understand the reputation of certain business schools in Europe.
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Maximiliaan Follender Grossfeld

Coffee private labels

Welcome to this survey regarding Private label coffee (focused in China). This survey is about collecting opinions on how you feel about coffee and ai...Read morems to uncover what motivates individuals to purchase or like/dislike coffee, The survey will take up to 7 minutes, thank you in advance.Read less


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