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Arie SurveySwap

👉 Take this Survey first 👈

In this quick survey, we explain the essentials needed to use SurveySwap. You will also receive your first credits ⚡️
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Arie SurveySwap

Make our day, write a review for SurveySwap (2 credits for 30 seconds!)

Dear user, Hopefully, you can appreciate our hard work to make free and affordable survey participants an option for people like you all around the...Read more world. We would greatly appreciate it if you could give us a review. It only takes a few seconds :) Thanks a million! 🤗 Kind regards, Arie & Alex, Founders of Surveyswap.io Read less
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Danielle Strouther

How recognisable are Google Ads in 2020?

Google's design has changed a lot over the years, especially how they present and deliver ads in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). This survey a...Read moreims to find out how much users recognise and interact with them in 2020. Read less
4 credits
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Katy Ford

📣 4 credits for a 2 min Survey 📣 Survey for Young Consumers on lending and loyalty

Here's a survey which can take 5 minutes to complete and help support our fumo users so we can improve our payments, lending & loyalty App. Once compl...Read moreete you'll be entered into our prize draw for some Amazon or JustEat vouchers.Read less
5 credits
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Gemma Barfi

Generation Z's Luxury Fashion Consumption Habits

A study into Generation Z's behaviours and preferences with regard to their luxury fashion consumption
5 credits
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Robert Shuler

COVID Faster or Slower

Your answers can help end the pandemic quicker and with fewer casualties.
3 credits
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Thomsaay Hagen

(2 min) Nederlandse Millennials van 20 t/m 24 jaar en homestay accommodaties

(2 min voor 3 credits )Voor mijn afstudeeronderzoek doe ik onderzoek voor Tulip Tour naar het social media gedrag en de interesse naar homestay accomm...Read moreodaties van Nederlandse Millennials in de leeftijd van 20 tot en met 24 jaar. Read less
5 credits
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Carine van der Staay

Käseverpackungsdesign - 5 credits für 3 Minuten Fragebogen ausfüllen!

Welches Logo macht den besten Eindruck auf dich und bleibt dir im Gedächtnis?
5 credits
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Selina Chung

Short Survey about Advertising 🙌 [5 credits for 2 minutes!]

A quick 2-minute survey that will help me understand the effects of advertising for my MSc thesis! Currently offering 5 credits because I desperat...Read moreely need responses asap!Read less
5 credits
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Laura Castillo

Fashion Subscription Box Services

My research is on consumers' perceptions of fashion subscription box services.


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